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Originally Posted by shuziburo
During these days, you could run into problems with the federal government for doing this as well. You might be required to show proof of the source of money again. Talking to an accountant here might be a good idea before the actual transfer.
Originally Posted by Kabir
That's called money laundering, and to the best of my knowledge that's illegal.

Unless, Z wants to know about illegal methods as well.
Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
A lesson to you and a lesson to everyone living in US:

Any amount of over $10k per month, wire transfer trigger's a FBI alert (from one personal account to another personal). Businesses are different.

Zee, must plan ahead and break it up in pieces over months.
@ Kabir: That is not money laundering. Please look up the definition. For reference here is the definition based on the federal government watchdog: Nije dui number boile shobaike dui number mone kora to thik nah.

@shuziburo and Tiger eye: I work in a bank so I am well are of these. Any transactions over $10k are reported but not all transactions are investigated. They are investigated if it is suspicious.

Problem is shobai assume kore nichche je taka gula illegal means e kamano hoise. but that is not the case. The money is legal, the source can be verified as a legal means. The only reason those individuals sent money that way was because of the stringent bangladesh bank laws governing foreign currency. Also zeeshan's opening post said that it is all legal money he wants to transfer so there is no problem in sending it with the method I mentioned. If investigated he will show the legal source of the funds.
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