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Originally Posted by Roy_1
Lol some fans are just plain

Sakib is still the face of BD cricket, he has always been. The best all rounder in limited overs format and among the very bests in test.

The only player from BD XI who would walk into any team atm, a potential ATG without a doubt.
The thing with some fans is they don't realise how much other teams would value Shakib, for us he needs to win matches with bat and bowl singlehandedly, but he's not an impact player, he's a consistency player, he'll never be the best with the bat or sometimes the ball... But he'll probably be top 2 all the time.

How many subcontinent all rounders have got a 200 in NZ... Doesn't matter cause everyone else is crap and we lose... Even though reality is most teams would have struggled in NZ where in one only 9 were fit to bat and in other 3 of the top 5 were missing...

Look at kallis.. Top 3 GOAT, top 5 no question asked, but guys like Flintoff got talked about more because he could have impact spells and could sleep rest of the time.

People forget kallis at one point was the only batter averaging 40+ in SA, he consistently churned out performance after performance and with new players emerging, guys like Smith AB steyn got talked about they were the ones that 'won' matches

Not that am comparing Shakib to kallis

Shakib is the greatest player we've ever produced by a long long way, he's one of the greatest Asian players ever and if he got more opportunities, I am certain he could show it, because he's got the skillset to play well in any country

But he'll never be the match winner people want him to be...he never will be, he's no Gary Sobers, lot of the time it's emotion that clouds judgement, hell people were saying stokes is better than shakib in England series, but that being my second team I have seen how many times he fails and gets out playing rash, but in a bigger team that gets covered up with others performing

To put that in context Stokes averages 7 less with the bat and 2 with the ball, that too without the burden of carrying a team for a decade, Shakib contributed 42% of the team output... That's 1 player of 11 delivering that much

Sobers gave 31%, the Asian greats imran gave 35, Kapil gave 32

That's some thing to match if that's barely average by some accounts
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