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Originally Posted by Gowza
It's not that simple, and it's not all the players fault. When A team series are against subpar opposition how are the fringe players supposed to improve? National team players need international matches to improve also. BCB are responsible for the organisation of these things. Players can try all they want but they can only play who is in front of them and can only play when there are matches to play.

Now I'm not saying the players have no responsibility in this, they do need to learn and develop but they need to be given the right tools, situations and environments so they can develop and learn.

Think I heard them say BD has played just 13 tests away from home since 2010, how can BCB expect the players to improve outside of home when they barely play outside of home and there aren't enough A tours and academy tours etc to prepare the players.

BCB needs to organize away tours for the A- team and National team in a regular basis - this is the only option to improve abroad...
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