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Originally Posted by rinathq
just look at the premier league contracts for last year for our National players. You will have an ideal about Half of what they make.........

Shalar eto koshto koira pora lekha kori oikhane SSC pass koira lakhe e kamaite se tao abar cricket kheilla. Amar baapre uthte boshte kotha shunai. Amare jodi Ideal School bhroti na koraiya BKSP te koraito tahole ajke Canada aisha MBA korar jonno jaan kurbaan korte hoito na
cricketer houao ato soja na oder o onek kosto korte akon team e chance pabar por babaji ra r kosto korena
I have given up on Bangladesh cricket. I refuse to forget every pain Bangladesh cricket team has brought after a win here and there
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