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Originally Posted by offstump
when u r 1ge is about 30-32, u will complete ur MBA or equivalent or further studies and will get into a job and will start a regular secure earning. u will get promotions , salary increase etc etc for the next 25-30 years.

but a cricketer will have to retire at 30-32 ...... thats the end of his regular secure earning. now he has to do either coaching, selection job, business, commentating. all these are temporary jobs.
Crisis: can tell you that all our players get a free flat, free car and some other free things courtesy of some private companies who like to advertise by giving them these free things.
IMO, both of you are right. On one hand they need to have a good salary package, at the same time ... we shouldnt start distributing flats and plots after a win, except winning World Cup.

But I think, the base salaries should set reasonably low. Every one should have a lower basic salary and the Match fee should be set according to their performance. Even there could be negative fees (Deductions) for poor performances. Otherwise, just appear, score a duck and earn the same money like a performer, is pure bulsh*t. That doesn't inspire/compell players to give their everything for a better performance.

The only language they surely will understand. When it hurts your pocket, you need no consultant/motivator to tell you what to do. If they have technical issues, they will run after the coach, instead of coach running after them and yet struggling to convince them, currently.

They must earn the money by hard work. Gifts aren't working positive with our players at this moment.
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