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Originally Posted by roman
Arg is thru. USA got eliminated. I am happy and sad at the same time..Congrats Aklemalp Babu

Orpheus bro you should totally go to Russia. Watching a world cup match live itself is an experience of a lifetime.
thanks bro... starting to feel the excitement a bit again. I was so preoccupied with US game didn't even bother to ck the others...

I applied for the finals and semifinals... assumption is i should be able to see at least a germany and arg team. They are very difficult to get and my plan was to go for following team USA if the finals didn't pan out.

Didn't go for team usa following to start with is because most likely the group stages of the games would have been all over russian city and don't feel particularly too good about travelling outside Moscow and st petersburg. Maybe the anxiety is from the unknowns..

anyone lives in russia here?

anyways now that usa is out, not too sure now what to do if i don't match in lottery.. if i should be persistent for this high demand finals...Group matches would have been peace of cake to get.
Have 1 AFG vs BD ticket to give out
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