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BDFlag Bangladesh National Cricket team : A proposed way to select.

Hello everyone
I know as myself, every cricket fan of bangladesh cricket is very much disappointed by the poor performance of BD cricket team in the last home series against AUS. As far as I know, our next series is against Zimbabwe or Kenya in next July. We have a handful of time to re-organize. What we do to make our team? Selectors just call 15-20 players one week before the tour. Gathered them in to net and gym. After few days they announce the team. Why don’t we call 28-30 players including national team players? I think, we have many players with same or more potential then current BD national players like Nafis iqbal, Hannan Sarkar, Mehrab Junior, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mushfiq Babu, Al-Shariar rokon, Manzarul Islam Rana, etc. etc. So call them all in a camp. Divide them in to two teams, 15 in each team. One with National team players and the other team with the rest of the players or mixed them within two team. Handed the teams to two BD Coach. Whatmore will care take the whole matter. Let the two team play at least 5-7 ODI and 2-4 four-day matches with each other. Try to telecast the games through TV channels, and then everybody can see who is performing and who is not. Rank their performance and select the best team. If BCB wish they could easily do this in Mirpur stadium. I know that India had already done this and that produce a great result. They got many player in pipeline to play for their national team and each of them try to give their best when the have a chance in the team. I think everybody got the idea what I am trying to say here.
Any comments?

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