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Default Life Hacks for Personal Growth

Time to time I stumble into valuable articles, books and essays regarding personal growth and how to’s for an efficient productive life. Most of those are good lessons and sometimes revolutionary ideas toward a better improved version of self if applicable. Rarely some are just blah. I would like to share some of those and encourage members to share their ideas, models, links which let them become successful in life or achieve a targeted goal. It can be any faculties, education, sports, profession, health, romance etc.

From NY Times best-seller by Kevin Kruse, here are 15 time management tips all ultra productive people maintain regularly:

1. Focus on minutes, 1440 minutes a day.
2. MIT (most important task) gets 120 of early morning minutes.
3. Scrap to-do lists and schedule everything
4. Beat procrastination by time-travel, it means if you scheduled something for February make sure you prepare the platform this month.
5. Do not miss family dinner for a day.
6. Notebook, yes an old-fashioned one.
7. Check e-mails 3 times a day only
8. Shorten meetings - meeting is not to show oratory skills of yours or others
9. Learn to say “No”
10. Know “80% of a task can be achieved by the 20% of effort when you know which 20%”
11. Delegate or outsource as much possible
12. Set work themes for each day of week - something I am still struggling to apply, the only theme so far is Friday TGIF
13. Any task if needed less than 15 minutes finish right way, do not add it to the pile.
14. A regular healthy morning ritual - I was never been a morning person yet I have been one for last 5 years.
15. Productivity depends on energy - so cut off stress, take break in every ninety minutes, healthy lunch, lots of water, balance caffeine, encourage happy thoughts
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