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We talk about resolutions start of every year. Resolutions are like promises - only they are made to self. And as always promises are made to break. One of the most common human self loathing profuses out of resolution breaking stories. Being a long time smoker in the past I know how it works and how many times we promise to parents, wives, close relatives, mentors or to ourselves that we will quit and then break that instantly and carry that pain of cheating while continue smoking. There is a different approach than resolution to make goals work and it has been proven effective for situations like this. Instead of thinking of quitting smoking this year, a goal should be set to become healthier and get rid of any health issues within next 5 year. When being farm on that goal the quitting becomes a sub-goal along with other sub goals such as exercising, better diet, cutting sweet etc.

From my recent linkedin post:

.,,set your What goals (at least 3) that you would like to achieve within next decade or era, picture out the how's like you do an architectural design while developing software and finally ready your why's for alignment and engagement with your actual passion of doing something. Your yearly goal can be those sub-goals leading towards the major goals you set.

So it is What ( long term goal ) , How ( baby steps / keep refining the design and never let go), Why ( you need it for self-assurance that you are on the right path, it is your passion, something which defines you)
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