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Originally Posted by Shingara

That Tulip is an attention-seeking idiot. She was asking about her EU constituents in parliament. Hello... they did't and can't vote for you.

That comment about whites being fed up ... erm... EE's are white too! Why would they want Brexit then ?
The English are very very lenient and have been letting us Asians and Africans come here for years. Bangladeshey onno shob desher manush evabey asha shuru korley , amra eder moto na hoye ulta mair dhor kortam.

EE problem is not linked to London only. I have travelled to a few counties and EE's are everywhere. Lincoln is the worst example.
UKIP has been talking about coming out of EU for the last 20 years! Only when finally s**t hit the fan, did everyone finally pay attention to them.

Adam bhai, We are against uncontrolled immigration from EE, not immigration in general.
Yes I was specifically taking about the White working class British and not people who are from an ethnic background or English. You and I are talking of different aspects which are both correct.

Uk is curbing down alot on immigration as you can see its more difficult to come into this country as students for example than it was 10 years ago. British citizenship is not as easy as used to be before. This has been an issue for awhile.

In regards to Tulip, I wanted to show how her constituency are made up of also Asians voted to remain.
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