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As someone who reads the daily star on a daily basis, their anti islamic points of view are self evident.

Daily Star is a paper which has adopted secularism or atleast anti-communalism as a basis of its editorial policy. In itself this is highly commendable, however it marely apes objectivity nothing more.

The current anti-ahmadiya movement - a lot of wasted energy on absolutely nothingin my opinion - is being covered from a point of view of bigot doing this and bigots doing that. However true objectivity would call for a full and frank explanation of the anti-ahmadiya points of view. This can be done without compromising the papers secular credintials but they have chosen to simply reduce themselves to name calling.

in respect of India - the current border tensions - its articles are the essence of sanitised nutrality and its editorials urges unadultared caputulation to indian hedgemony and providing excuses and justifications for indian aggressions.
Obviously they do not write such things explicitly, but its position is not very subtle either!
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