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Originally Posted by exotic
I was there too. At the beginning of the game I decided to smoke cigeratte whenever Mohammedan scores a goal. At one point MSC scored three goals before I finished one cigeratte. That was a great match. Yeah I also support Mohammedan, Brazil, and BNP. I think Naljegar (during 1987/88) was simply superb, the duo of Naljegar and Vijen Tahiri (scored 24 goals in that season) was awesome. Monu, Shabbir and Joshi also used to gave Abahani a very hard time. Those old good days. (it was really fun to watch those matches in recreation room of the cadet college with full of vocal supports for both team)

After our independence MSC have won the league title 12 times and Abahani won 11 times. In fedearation cup, MSC won 8 titles and Abahani 7. Yes Abahani won hatrick league title (1983-85) but each year they were beaten by MSC, and for the next three years (1986-88) Mohammedan was unbeaten champion. I don't have the stat right now, but I believe on a head to head basis MSC have win more matches than AKC. So those who are saying Abahani is the greatest ever team in Bangladesh, or way way ahead of Mohammedan, for them results and history doesn't support ur view unfortunately:p .

It is really unfortunate that both the teams are now on downhill (both in football and cricket).
Dear Exotic, we passed the golden age of ou BD football at that time. I can still feel the passion in 185-1990 time. I was a big supporter of Abahani with my elder brother (just 1 year, never called him bhai , was my best friend) a die hard Mohammedan supporter. we used to have big flags in two very close poles at our house. We had scoreboards, and used two-in-one's with max. volume for commentary and if broadcasted in TV, the roads were empty. I don't whether students at their teens still has that passion for football?? Most probably the answer is a big 'No'.

I want to add few more names like Samir Shakir, Karimov, Rahimov, Pakir Ali & Premlal. Unfortunately football lost their way and has no place in world arena now (we were never a good footballing nation).

Another point, as far as I remember Abahani has better head 2 head record against Mohammedan
You only play good cricket when you win/draw matches.
I am with Bangladesh, whether they win or lose .
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