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Originally Posted by Roy_1
you love to display your stupidity every once in a while, right? Grow up dude.

Ontopic: Really glad for Mash, very well deserved, but he is not the first BD cricketer winning this I believe, Shakib won it too if I am not wrong.
I said nothing
truth can they say.

My friend, you need to wake up to the internet world, visit Fb troll pages created by Indians, BD players pages on fb and read some comments. The amount of trolling comes from your non-Bengali Indians especially during cricket matches is unbelievable. I was at pakpassion some time back there's a poster a non-bengali from Ind, said, 'bengalis in India don't like Bengalis over there in BD'. I've seen various online places where they try make it an issue deliberately trying cause hatred between the two. Maybe your still too young and naive to observe/notice it.

Explain to me what I said exactly was stupid? You're very quick/sharp on the defensive pal, as always, can't see outside your zone.

I can post whatever I want, 'freedom of speech', entitled to my own opinion, within the guidelines of the forum rules. Last time I noticed this was a Bangladeshi forum.
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