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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
Wonderful news and many thank to AnandaBazaar media. It is always good to see our athletes being honored by a foreign organization/publication.

Reading some of the posts above reminded me of something. There was an Indian BC member from Staten Island with root in West Bengal/Kolkata who does not post here as much any more. PrithiviRaj is his name.

Once during a BD international match against we were losing so bad, and we were all cursing and spitting at the BD team in our match thread. Someone said, why do we even waste our time, support these losers? Who in the world even follows matches played by these bunch of losers except us - a bunch of losers ourselves, Nobody else can be pathetic like ourselves for following their games everyday and watch them lose matches after matches.

PrithiviRaj used to come to BC and post back then. He wrote," Why? My father does. My father feels very proud of the Bangladeshi cricket team and Asharful. My father always says, look at them 11 young Bangalies in green and red playing under one Bangladesh flag - eta je kono Bangalir gorbo, I feel very proud of these boys when I watch them on TV, even if they lose"...
Yes. Some of them are genuinely proud of our success.
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