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BDFlag Who Wants to Open World Cup Threads

We all know it is a huge honor and we all want to open them. However, there is only 3 threads possible (unless, good willing, we go to the 2nd round). As for these three matches, we will go with a lottery system to find out the 3 lucky persons who can open these threads.

First off, this is how the lottery will work. To ensure a fair lottery, I have come up with this idea, and I think its full proof, but if anyone can find a flaw with the system, let me know.

  1. Everyone who wants to open the threads will have to post a message saying they are interested in opening the threads.
  2. At a 'first come first serve' basis, everyone will be given a number. So, the first person posts gets 1, 2nd person 2 and so on. I'll update a post here with everyone's current number. This is your entry number(N). Lets say there is a total of X number of persons.
  3. Once we have this X, we will use their join date and add them to get a number, call it Y. If someone joined on Feb 21st, 2007 the join date will be 21.
  4. Now, all you have to do to find the winner is to devide Y by (X+1). The remained value will be a number from 1 to X. If this number(W) is your entry number, you get the honor of opening the first thread.
  5. If you know programming, it is like this: W = MOD(Y, X+1)
  6. If W = N for you, you win the first game thread.
  7. If W = N - 1 for you, you win the 2nd game.
  8. If W = N + 1 for you, you win the 3rd game.
  9. N - 2 is the reserve for game 1
  10. N + 2 is the reserve for game 2
  11. N - 3 is the reserve for game 3
  12. The number N is circular. Meaning, if the last entry person wins by lottery, N + 1 will be 1.
Confused? An example will make it clear: say there is a total of 19 people. This is X. You add their join dates. It becomes 1017 (Y). X + 1 is 20. So if you divide 1017 by 20, you get a remain of 17. So, who ever has the 17th entry wins. 16th person opens the 2nd game and 18th person the 3rd game. The reserves are there so that if the winner is not present within a given time frame, the reserve can open it.

  1. No one joined after this post's time stamp can open the thread.
  2. The person has to be a regular here so that if you win, you are here to open.
  3. Winner has to pledge his/her presence at the given time frame and open the thread. Fail to do so will make the reserve open the thread (so reserve stay tuned).
  4. You have to submit the thread to a mod/staff for review before posting it to ensure the quality. We suggest you use a template from the previous threads.
  5. WC match thread opened by anyone else except for the winners will be deleted.
  6. Non-Bangladeshis can open threads but the tone of the thread has to support Bangladesh. Promoting any other country's support in the opening post will not be permitted.
  7. All decision by the mods/staff are final.
  8. Any more regulation can be added here by any mod/staff if complication arises.
Time Frame:
  1. The last date to post a entry is March 14th 2007 12:00:00 GMT.
  2. Anyone can calculate the lottery after that using the formula above, still a staff/mod will post the name of the winners and reserves.
  3. Each match thread can be open no sooner than 24 Hours and no latter than 12 hours before the game start time (13:30 GMT).
  4. If winner fails to open it within this 12 hours time frame, reserve will be notified, and reserve will have 6 hours to open the thread. If reserve is also unavailable, a mod/staff will open the thread.
  5. You can submit your thread for review anytime before your time frame to open it.
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