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It should be 16 teams. There is a lot of nations that have been improving in cricket lately from Nepal, Papua New Gunea to the US. So, to do justice to improving teams:

Group Stage (4 Teams/group, 4 groups)
-->Knock out Quarter Finals
-->Knockout Semi Finals
-->Knock out Finals

Total games : (6*4) + 4 + 2 + 1 = 31.

Total games in 2011/2015 CWC = 49.

The 8 team round robin to me felt stupid in the 2007 WC, it should have been straight to knockout rounds. World Cup doesn't have to necessarily be all teams versing each other.. Learn something from FIFA (for once).

I feel like this will never materialize because all the Big-3 are afraid that a "minnow" team will knock them out of the cup, as the 7 team round robin makes it hard for one team to go through to the next rounds on an upset, but to me that brings more excitement to the cup.
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