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Originally Posted by roman
I thnk Tamim just loves to be in the comfort zone and afraid to face the unknown. Just think about it this way. Lets say you are in good terms with your boss at your work and all of a sudden you get to know that your boss will be transferred to a new department. Chances are you'll also try to move to that department coz you love to work with him/her...Same goes for Tamim. He's been working with Siddons for the last 3 years and have developed a good relationship with Siddons. If BCB gets a new coach then he has to start from 0 again like get to know the new coach, develop trusts and all..and he might be afraid of that. Its normal. But this what life is. You cant always have things in your way all the time. You have to adopt to changes.

I mean he clearly said that the players are comfortable with Jamie and are afraid of the communication gap and fear the lack of developement with the new coach. And, there is nothing wrong with that, if as a member of the current team believes letting Jamie go may be counterproductive.

As a Bengali, we really jump to conclusion too quickly without looking at the bigger picture. We want change without really wanting to see better results. And for what, for us to have disappointed again in few years and some more changes, and cycle continues.

New players, new coach, new management, new BCB none of them are the answer.

It will be more productive to stay with core players and expose them to more international cricket. I mean Bashar at age 33 (37 really) with his experience was able to perform a bit.

Now, expose the players to international level, if not to county level, just like IRELAND did for the last four years. Better/improve the domestic level, invite more quality international players to participate in the domestic league, so some of our guys can learn from them. And, with time let's see where it goes.

One thing i do agree, MUSHFIQ and ASHRAFUL need to be reassesed
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