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Originally Posted by amit1
World cup should be a world cup. 14 teams in 2x7 format means 7 guaranteed matches (6 group stage + expected QF) and 49 total matches, 16 teams in 2x8 format means 8 guaranteed matches (7 group stage + expected QF) and 63 total matches, 18 teams in 3x6 format meand 6 guaranteed matches (5 group stage + expected QF) and 53 total matches

14 team format was massively succesful in 2011 & 2015. 10 team format will be far too long and have lots of dead rubbers and will flop badly in 2019
I agree that 10 teams will be a far too long and I'm no fan of it. But what it does is maximize the number of games India is guaranteed to play (and Indians are the main drivers at these world cups). Just look at the 2015 world cup semis, 80% of the fans at the stadium were Indians and Australia was the home team. On that basis alone, 10 team world cup will be more financially viable than the 14 team WC.

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