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Originally Posted by Fazal
"While her real birthday is April 21, Queen Elizabeth also enjoys an official birthday—this year on June 17 -- when the fickle English weather is deemed more favourable for outdoor festivities."- newAgeBD

If Queen Elizabeth can have two birthdays why not Queen Khaleda? Thats not the issue. The issue is choosing Aug 15 as her latest official birthday sometime just after AL came to power 1st time afrer Sheik Mujib's death .
mate, as far as i understand, Queen's birthday are meant to be a celebration for her subjects. so it makes sense to have an official day where the people can enjoy the beautiful, short summer of England. cuz we also get the day off here in Australia, as she is the Head of State in this country ( constituitionally).

but we dont celebrate Khaleda, Hasina, Earshad or for that matter even Bongobondhu's birthday ( subject to political view point) on a national scale. so Khaleda Zia celebrating on the 15th of August, if not true which i assume it isnt, is nothing but a cheap dirty trick which shows the lack of respect and education on her behalf.

i dont want to go into farther political debate over the issue, but im sure we all know the role Bongobondhu played on the reconciliation of her with her husband President Zia right after the Muktijuddho. if such is the case, she for above everyone, should hv known better to respect the man, even if not as a political party, but as a personal thing.
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