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Its about time our players start earning in range of 50000 USD +
for the past few years, its stuck at around only 25-30 lakhs...
well, if u really wanna make cricketers emerge out of nowhere, mind you, its money in the end that will drive you further, remeber curtly ambrose telling that he never really liked cricket, but thats the only way he could earn ahandsome amount of thats why he chose this profesion at a time when wi cricket was going thru good times....ask any indian youngster, and the fact is, when u see incredible amounts of money that is actually not possible by doing any other high level jobs in country, than even parents wont stop u from doing it, (ofocurse not illegal stuffs) the next time, parents of our country wont stop their children from p0laying cricket if they find he's extremely good in it...
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