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Originally Posted by HereWeGo
When u take a bank loan to purchase a car, it is still your car and you use it whatever the way you want!!! The bank is not neutering you by giving u the loan (given the fact that there is no question on defaulting on the loan).... Going by your logic we should not build Jamuna setu and padma setu, afterall all transit route would use the two bridges??? At the end of the day its OUR ROAD, OUR LAND!!! OUR people will use it, the roads will not be exclusively used for indian trucks. If you say it will be primarily used for indian trucks and no bangladeshi vehicle shall be allowed than please back your statement with some references. We are taking loans from India because we dont have cash lying around to build them ourselves and low interest rate...
last i heard its OUR fair share of water can even get water, good luck keeping YOUR road.

i never said exclusively used by India...but lets suppose they get even 10% of total usage...why should we foot 110% of the bill (with added interest)? See its that total loss of negotiating power that equals loss of sovereignty. Paying 95% for 90% usage would an understandable thing.

And I highly doubt the nation that is domineering enough to suggest ALL the waters of the himalayas belong to them would allow you to build roads and railways how you see fit. My guess is an inordinate amount will be away from what we need and towards what they need.
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