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Originally Posted by Equinox
If it helps the guy he is appealing against in the picture, James Vince, is very tall. At least 6'2. But I don't get this infatuation with his height. As long as he isn't a midget, which he isn't, his height is trivial. If y'all are so obsessed with height then we should keep playing Shahadat.
I get where you are coming from. Just because some one is tall does not mean he knows how to use his height. High arm action, wrist position including having the knowledge of using wrist to generate extra bit of pace and bounce is what makes a tall bowler even more difficult to play. But all things considered equal, a tall bowler is always more attractive. I’m sure posters who have been inquiring about his height know that. And you must agree, height is one of the most important physical appearance that entice people when comes to a pace bowler and since they are a rare breed for a country like Bangladesh, I am sure most of us get to excited about it.

If this guy is really 6’ or 6’-2” tall then that’s actually nothing to get crazy about (as far as his physique goes); and he also looks super skinny, so I am not sure how fast he can really bowl. But he’s got his youth working for him and still has the chance to build his stature and get faster…..unless he ends up following the trend of our players who come up with promise and then fade away. Though seeing what had happened to our cricket players, I must blame us fans and media for over hyping….so I really will wait a long while before getting excited.
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