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Originally Posted by Kashani-BD
Alhamduillah, I would encourage you to visit Iraq or Palestine to visit the many family's that has lost children that are less than 6 months, 6 years, 6 days. I can swear on the name of Allah that those innocent children or human that are being killed becuase they are muslim's as Allah Say's they are killed because they have belief in me. I don't see people refering to those murderers of innocent children's as Jewish or Christians?, why is it when a muslim does something, he jump on like locust?, I can assure you that if Leaders like Abu Bakr, Osman, Ali, Omar was alive in this generation, I can not imagine many muslim's blood being poured on this land.
Sorry, but your logic is just bullshit. Hazrat Omar (RA) and Hazrat Ali (RA) were both murdered and their blood was spilt under their reign.

But anyway, see previous page for my reference. You're taking a hypocritical moral high ground by pointing out irrelevant, other factors that the perpetrators of violence use all the time to defend their actions. Fact of the matter is, you defend violence with more violence. You dont solve any problems. Only creating more hate, and more death. In your case of Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine they're three fine examples where Muslims and Arabs have screwed over their own people more than anyone else. Their leaders and people have sacrificed what exactly for whom?

Regardless, stop conflating issues, grow a pair and call a spade a spade. Muslims were violent and killed a US diplomat who aided the very Muslim Libyans get rid of a Quranic Firaun. For what end? and without a single thought for the consequences! Really now!
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