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Originally Posted by Tiger444
I hope Woodson either gets fired or resigned. He seems like a good guy and all but what is he doing as a coach? All he runs is isolation plays. No ball movement and no rhythm at all in our offense. No sense of urgency at all either. The blame has to go to the coach. He's been thoroughly out coached by Frank Vogel.

Also we desperately need a more consistent 2nd scorer in our team. Get JR Smith out of there. He's not a 2nd option by any means.

We clearly need to make changes because this team is simply not good enough to make a run and we need to surround Melo with a lot more help then just bits and pieces players.
I agree with's not Woodson's fault. Remember how bad they sucked last year before Linsanity happened and Woodson took over? They're actually doing better than what I expected. I like some of these what you refer to as bits and pieces players--Shumpert is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, Chandler is one of the best interior defenders, Felton's a pretty decent PG for what he's worth. Carmelo is Carmelo, but he's no LeBron or Durant. I like the fact that they're giving young guys a chance and many of them are putting their hands up and making it count. The problem is they're paying $100 mil to a guy who doesn't play much defense nor can he stay healthy as long enough as Enamul Haq Jr. stays on the team - as Al would say. There's no way to get a very good 2nd scoring option without getting rid of Amare's salary.

P.S. Imagine the Heat without Wade or Bosh. Last year they're on the verge of losing to the Pacers before Bosh rejoined the team. Even this year I doubt they can beat the Pacers let alone the Grizzlies or Spurs with one of their Big 3 missing.
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