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Originally Posted by wiseshah
why dont u count last 5 match and make average?
answer is 101+45+7+6+3=162/5====32, which is not bad in Bd standard.
Well, why not just 101 and 45 and then you get an average of 73. Or better still, only 101 - so he scores a hundred every match.

The bottom line is: he has played 49 tests for an average of 23. I can't see it moving much because sooner or later either he will play across the line or he will chase a wide one with an uppish stroke. That is how he is and he will not change.

Even in the middle of this bad spell, he didn't think there was anything wrong with his batting.

In fact, the demise of the ICL was very instructive. Suddenly his trump card - to join them went up in a puff of dust - and the Board had nothing to fear. The little man was cut to size. Now, he is no longer the indispensable Ashraful - just another batsman hanging on to his place !!
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