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Originally Posted by Fazal
... If thats what you want, then I would say you are significantly compromising BD teams's best interest. For the next 51 TEST, if we give chance to some of the younger players, it would be a better long term investment and better result in should term.
Ah Fazal! Sounds very reasonable, only if those imaginary numbers [next 51 TEST] has least of a meaning. Man, you cant even wait to see him dropped in NEXT test!! How come you imagine Ash playing next 51 TEST without having heart-attack?!?

Fun apart, Everybody knows Ash is in the process of being dropped, unless he lift up his game. Let him go through that process, finish this series, so that he cant claim he was not given enough chance [in this series] before being dropped. Its all about couple of games more in the middle of a series, and so far I see here, none asking to keep him in the team for upcoming series. So let him go back to domestic league in due process, with respect and dignity, let him work there hard.

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