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Originally Posted by WarWolf
Doesn't make sense to me. Brother watering the top of a plant while its root is cut doesn't do any good. Biman is the most corrupted and unprofessional airline in the world. Unless you change it from the root, nothing will happen.
yes, but outsiders will just see the leaves of plant.

right now those leaves are DC-10s which are embarassing. now at least we will have some decent planes, even if its not the A380.

new planes will also make service better even if the front office is corrupt and skims money off the top, which eventually won't or shouldn't matter to the immediate customer who just wants to get from point A to point B on time.

newer planes will cut delays due to technical reasons and mechanical problems. not to mention be safer and add some improvement in in flight entertainment.

other problems notwithstanding, i'd still prefer to fly on Biman as long as their service isn't totally shitty. if the board is embezzling money, who cares, our entire nation is built on corruption, why should the flag carrier be any different?
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