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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
i wasn't 100% sure whose decision it was so i put both in the title.

but we did hear something about riyad being part of some solution. but he now has i think 20 consecutive innings with a SR of 100 or less. that simply will not get the job done in batting PP/slog overs. in contrast all of India's players barring Tendulkar scored quicker in the middle overs.

its not about beating one of the best teams in the world, its about giving ourselves, as much of a chance to win as possible.

we are still 100% with the team, and we support fully whatever XI goes out there and the coaching/support staff. but we do hope that the boys realize that CALCULATED risk-taking is a necessity.

yes, batting PP is risky and even top teams lose a wicket here and there, but you have to take it at some point. you might as well take it when your 2 BEST batsman are there and set. failure to do so is to tie one's hands behind their back BEFORE the game even begins.

and that should be unacceptable.
Please give me YOUR solution.. rather than criticise. I would LOVE TO HEAR IT. And I mean your plan, not just yesterday. So you should bear in mind everytime we take it we lose wickets. So please tell me your answer.
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