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Originally Posted by ZeeshanM

Would you agree it's debilitating to the team to keep reinforcing the idea we are not good as others? Imho, by ranking we may be in lower rung, but if ranking decided everything why bother to play a game?

Well I am curious why we are not good as those teams?
Ok... Australia has Lee, Ponting, Tait, Johnson, Clarke, Hussey, etc etc etc.. India sehwag, tendulkar, harbajhan, kohli, yuvraj, dhoni etc etc etc.. do I need to go naming all the world class players in the top 4 teams?

It is REALITY and a fact that we do not have their players. That's why they are above us and why they beat us. The table doesn't lie. If you find that 'debilitating' don't look at it. But I am simply trying to explain why we do not beat these teams regularly, if at all.

Coaching, coaching and coaching is the answer to being a better team of course..
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