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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
Let me repeat: the CAPTAIN decides the PP not the coaches.

Secondly, when you take the PP, the opposition bring back their best two bowlers. If we lose wickets THEN (early) we still have many, many overs to go after the PP with low order batsmen trying to bat out 50 overs and not scoring.

Think long and hard about your answer please...
Oppositions using up their 'best' bowlers early also means they will have to use relatively worse bowlers at the end. This 'early' is actually not so early. The first 15 overs are usually the power play overs anyway. Then it takes another 15/20 middle overs to get a set pair of basmen. So, we are talking about some time after 35 overs. You do not have too many overs left anyway. And the new ball after 34 overs gives an opportunity to score quickly.

Many a times, the score in the last 10 overs make the difference between a win and a loss. Think of a scenario when we take the PP for overs 41-45 with even 5/6 wickets down. The last 5 overs are going to be quick scoring anyway. That makes a total of 10 quick scoring overs at the death. If we lose 1/2 wickets in the power play, survival is still not a hard task, at least the new batsman gets an opportunity to get settled and go for runs afterwards. But if it works in our favor, the set batsmen can go to the last overs with much more confidence. It can make a difference of at least 20/30 runs. The risk of losing wickets is even higher in the last 5 overs, because you are surely facing the best bowlers and once you get out the new batsman does not get any chance to get set. Even Pollards and Pathans can not hit sixes straightaway.

Just to clarify, I am not blaming any one. We spend our time talking here and watching cricket only because we love the game, we love the team. If Shakib is doing mistakes, the management should make him aware of it.
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