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Thank you Barrister Navo! Excellent additions....Bhashani and Secular politics and Bhashani and socialism are the high-sparks...

Thank you Nasimul bhai!

Also bhais and apus, I didn't check the second video thoroughly before posting, I started watching it, and while watching it I added that to my post and for some reason it stopped playing somewhere in the middle...Later on I watched the full video and there are unnecessary uncivilized comments made by the film-video maker, it was rather crude and I think ruined a lot of the emotions the video was building up in me, brought me to a mid-journey turmoil. Yes, there was a lot of political rift between the great Maulana Bhashani and Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujib, but it was always civil, and Bongobondhu had the greatest of respect for the Maulana, the first short video clearly shows that....we see Bongobondhu took the garlend (spell..Mala) out of his ownself and put it on Bhashani...then Bongobondhu salaamed Bhashani by touching his feet, a traditional Bangali man showing respect to his elder and Mentor/Guru, that was absolutely beautiful...then Bongobondhu is seen letting Bhashani sit in the grander throne-like chair, while he pulls over a smaller/ordinery chair next to him close and sat.
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