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Originally Posted by offstump
thanks. may be they are better organized, but perhaps our league team are better equipped with better players and talents may be. may be our overall standard of players are a bit high.

but the plus point for them is their better players are getting big exposure of playing at a higher standard of level that is the English county. that's giving them lot of professionalism and maturity in their game. also the Irish team also used to get invited in the county championships.

just think how it would have been if the best BD players or a BD team (suppose BD A) would have the chance to regularly play in india, pakistan or SL's domestic league.
In general, Ireland is way more organized in sports then BD..their international teams in other sports are really good such as rugby and soccer but on the other hand we're just good in 1 sport and that's cricket..we're actually not even good in they know to build up a team and also train properly and know how to go in to a really does matter when the country is good in other shows that their organized..that's the reason why we need to send our national teamers to the english domestic circuit and some of our really talented youngsters such as Nur Hossain, Shabbir Rahman, and Shuvogoto Hom..I'm sure English teams would love to have those players on the team and they could develop in to very very good players..I doubt BCB ever thinks about hiring agents for these players..they really should look in to that..
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