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Originally Posted by Kana-Baba
I think it should be Ash.

Remember what Akram said, we flip-flop players too much and eventually make them unstable. Since we do not have anyone super qualified, we should try out Ashraful. This time he should be notified in advance that he will play in this position for 3 trours consistently and his performance will be judged after the tours.

Certainly not judged by the first or second match and be dropped after that for some silly reasons such as BCB boss's NATI do not like him, some coach stops talking to him casue he can not perform in all the positions.

He was destroyed by all these men. Whoever came into power, made ashraful as thier guinea-pig. He was made to play every single position, was in and out on every other game. Ash was such a good form just before he was made captian. When he lost forms, nobody even asked him what he wants, or which position he will be comfortable to play at. Such a waste of talent.
A performing Ashraful will be a great thing for BD cricket but he needs to sort out his issues, he has been performing like a tailender for past few years.
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