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Originally Posted by Peace
Stop bugging me.
I know that my English is poor but that does not mean that I can not continue to learn and help others to learn.
My above post has no grammatical mistakes but you still failed to understand it. What does that tell you?
Dyslexia or poor IQ?
If someone is unable to comprehend a sentence in english that does not equate to Dyslexia or poor IQ. That just means that person has a poor understanding of the english language. Hence you implying my lack of comprehension for your post equating to me being Dyslexic or lacking in IQ tells something about you, doesnt it ? I think you would be better to have implied that I have difficulty comprehending proper english. Although you have claimed that your post has no grammatical errors, if I am being anal and check the post then it has errors. Now be a good boy and learn what that error is. Since I have trouble understanding or comprehending english it would not be correct for me to point out your error so learn it from someone who you think can teach you something. buijenni bhaijan
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