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Originally Posted by Tehsin
There is a need for moderation whether it is text or vdo. When I say moderation, I mean control the flow of the conversation and allowing everyone, SPECIALLY the guests to participate fully.

IF we hadn't moderated the chat, almost everyone would have been talking and maybe the players would have picked up couple of questions here and there and answer those question at best. Which, in turn would have been lost in the hundreds of questions/comments (whether mature and well thought out or simply rubbish) made by everyone. It's pretty much impossible to have it without some sort of control. Anyone who has done their fair share of chatting knows what I mean.

As for VDO chat. Definitely an idea I will float. It'll be a little bit tougher but not impossible.

As for asking HARD questions, that could be seen as GHORE DEKE EN-E MEHMANDER OPOMAAN KORA. Put yourself in their shoes and try asking yourself those hard hitting question. It's cricket, it's not life or death. Plus, knowing BD culture, what do you think would happen to the players when the chat scripts go to the wrong hands ? We as mans can say anything and get away with. Our players have to work as a team and need to respect each other to be able to keep that relationship strong. When was the last time you got buddy buddy with someone who wanted to get you fired ?

There's also that gag order. Whatever they say not only gets scrutinized by the fans and the media, it could have serious consequences. Let's not turn this into a bollywood gossip show.

Faboulus Explanation.
Congrates for good work.

This is a stunning initiative and hope to see many more in future.
Thanks to Omio for asking the question of the chat (in my openion). Now we know that somehow our ideas are known by our players. That's good.
Subhanallah! Al-Hamdulillah!! AllahuAkbar!!!
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