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Originally Posted by jeesh
This is a problem most teams are facing. Real dearth of quality strike spinners worldwide.

India has Ashwin, Australia has Lyon, Pakistan HAD Yasir Shah

Other than that very hard to find the spinners you are referring to.

Miraz didnt extract any turn, but i was quite impressed with his control, and intelligence. Those are the basics, and foundation. If thats strong, i am sure Kalpage or some other spin coach will be able to help them learn new tricks, turn etc.
But the problem is They at least got someone in their past.

And us.. Our finger spinners including Ace spinners rarely turn a bowl well. You know 'tricky' bowler'. And not having much wrist spinners makes it more difficult for BD as it means we never had good turner spin bowlers at all.
I am not saying slow bowlers without much turn aren't great. But we need variations. Because if these bowler don't have good day for some reason will be much handier.
I remember Afridis quote on BD in one Pak TV Show..(I tried my best to state what he said)
'Unlogoke ball jeada turn nahi karti. Luffe marte hai. Magar line and lengh acchi hai. Ar kuch bawl andar ghush jeata hai. Thori khosis se easily khel shakte ho".
(Their deliveries generally don't turn much. All almost straight bowls. But line and length good. Aware of Arm deliveries with no turn at all. By trying little to read the bowler one can easily play them).
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