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Many people think that playing with 4 foreign players or 5,both r some;an extra local/foreign player doesn't affect much.
But look it's not 50 overs or test its a 20-20 tournament.Sometimes 2nd down batsman doesn't get 4 overs to stay here.We don't need entertainment,we need our developement.
The word 'Entertainment' varies from person to person.......i will surely be more entertained seeing one of our young star making 30+ or geting 2 wickets than a foreigner making 100+/5wicketes.
And not only me all the cricket legends think that 4 is the standard number of foreign players for any league otherwise IPL,SLPL,BPL would grant max 5/3/6 foreign players instead of 4.
Moreover,those people have question about the quality of this league plz kindly look at the squads first.......what can u expect more than it when we r missing many great players bocoz of BBL(big bash) and all the Indian players bcoz of their *** *** *** * ********* Cricket board

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