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Care to explain? I did not get the link of this with the humiliation of humanity. One thing I never understand whatever a muslim, who may be a muslim by birth only, does why Islam gets the blame.
Explanation: Agree with you on law and order but disagree if you if think I was blaming Islam. For clarifications sake:
1) I certainly do not associate Saudi Arabia with Islam. Some people may but this dude, NO!
Just happens to be where our prophet (PBUH) was born.Period.Period.Period. End of discussion.
2) Saudi Arabia is a party to the increased communal disharmony in Bangladesh through their support of mosque building (nothing wrong with that but this inadvertently introduces their brand of
Islam, i.e Wahabbism, which does have an impact on our society). It' s the same argument against christian missionaries preaching their doctrine in a foreign landscape. What's happening in Bangladesh as regards this new intolerence is an aberration. We also had a harmonious and rich tradition of sufism which any bangali should be proud of.
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