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Originally Posted by iDumb
good post zeeshan...

So how was homeless life?
It actually improved my chess game tenfold.

Having survived hypothermia under park bench I was moved by a compassionate man who left his jacket to cover me up. But I became fearless and saw new lines in chess coming back home to momma's lap with blisters and athletes foot moving from city to city about 30,40 miles walking at night just to stay warm and sleeping in the morning.

I survived on 69c banana when starving. Go 7-11!!! And a highlight was when local church denied early entrance I found some canned pears at a Long Beach door step but having no can opener I stabbed on it a steel fence-post spike. I felt like McGyver. But the wait paid off as they gave lavish food after mandatory church service.

In reality it was brutal. But still I love the experience. You can only walk so long and if you don't walk you will die in cold. The bloody police thought I joined some Islamic gangs and I had to report them upon reentry. It was post-Florida; so in one way I can fully empathize with racial profiling.

Thanks for asking. I hope you are doing well.
Ok Boomer.

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