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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Real Jadukor he is least interested in wars and his main focus will be reviving US economy and rebuilding infrastructure. If you have followed him closely, he's not interested to enter into wars, talking of partnering with regional powers to solve regional problems instead of direct US intervention. Not ready to be the major financier for NATO activities, good relation with Russia alone solves half of the wars, will make middle eastern alliance more costly so Saudis and Turkey will get less ambitious, he's even trying to have an unbiased position in Palestine conflict to broker a deal, he didn't want to get partial on the issue even been pushed by Joe today on msnbc. But he said clearly, I don't want to blame either party Coz that will hurt my position as a neutral broker in any peace deal. Etc etc ......

While he has a very loud agenda at home on economy, infrastructure and security etc .. I think that helps both US and the world at large. World is unstable due to too many US interventions.
Except Palestine, the rest is almost as he said and his voters expected, so far. But then what do I know; the US people shall be a better judge on doestic issues.

But internationally he has had huge contribution in saving human lives. Less people die due to his policies. I meet Syrians everyday, they would award him with Nobel peace prize, if they could. The war is almost over and people are getting back a normal life in most of the countryside, because of his policies, same in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc etc more peace, I believe he's only posturing in Iran to milk the kingdoms & rulers, which I like anyway, otherwise the world is happier.

Are you voting for Trump in 2020??
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