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What Gatting said maybe somewhat true- but the words he used are not at all appropriate. Yes, we are a weak team in Tests but we have shown a fighting spirit in ODIs. This is mainly becoz in our domestic competitions we don't play as much 3-day, 4-day games as we play 1-day games.
Also I question Gatting cricketing character and his batting prowess (i,e- his first ball against Warnie). Also it seems that he had a bad experience with the curry tasting competition and was spending his last few days in the potty!
Marcus said positive things about BD team- he mentioned that we are lagging behind, that is becoz the game has progressed, but didn't blow us off! Complacency brings surprises!
I'm looking for a better performances by our team and as Whatmore says- we need couple of good individual performances (consistent i must add) and thats the only way we can respond to our critics!
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