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Originally Posted by Fazal
I respectfully disagree. You may need to work with both, but that's doesn't mean you value both the same.

Between a coach/authoritative figure and players, they cannot be same. You compromise the authoritative figure in the name of "work with both" the team will not function. In a fight between a player and a coach coach need to have the final say otherise there will be no discipline.

Now the performance of a coach need to be evaluated independently. that's a different story. But in a fight between a reputable coach (who have proved himself in the past) and player, I will always be with the coach....otherwise the team will decay anyway.
Well, valid points there...and agree to go with coach, than again, coach has to be honest and a neutral one as well and it should reflects in every aspects of the game ... from squad selection to playing position - everything IMHO.

I am a Haturu "fanboy" from the beginning...but I think he has failed to show his devotion towards the team - he enjoys too much "vacation" where as he should have been with team to help them grow more... I can go on and on...

BCB should let him go now as he has lost his motivation IMHO.

And when Haturu becomes a "Mushy", any one should see there is something wrong out there...
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