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No Problema.... there are plenty of solutions...

Solution-1: Just don't do it. How? Don't eat anything solid. Plus you can take couple of Diaria medicine. That will help you

Solution-2: Take some constipation medicine. The release will be smoothe and quick and the urge to release will overcome the difficulty of leg position.

Solution-3: There are now some paid tatti-khana. They will ask you, "Sir... short or long?". Based on that you have to pay.

Solution-4: Stay in good hotel. They have better tatti-khana.

Solution-5: If you are in village. Wake-up early in the morning and perform what you have to do in open field, before people start waking up. The advantage is you can also breath fresh air, smoke a cigeratte, as well as the poops will be recycled naturally.

There may be some more.... but I am in hurry as I am righting this from Morocco.

Good Luck..... and if you need more help from us.... don't hesitate.... open a new thread.... we are here for your service.

I hope that helps.
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