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Originally Posted by deshibhai
Whatever his reaction to the news, the decision to appoint him vice-captain was the wrong decision. We don't need to "groom a future captain" at this juncture, with the Champions Trophy and the World Cup coming up. For the next 9 months, Shahriar Nafees should be thinking of one thing and one thing only--how best to score runs for Bangladesh, not about how to be a future captain, and not about how to best respond to journalist's questions about his vice-captain appointment. Regardless of how he has responded to the news, naming him vice-captain will inevitably make him think about things other than scoring runs, ahead of two very important tournaments. Bad decision, imho.
sorry mate, cant agree with ya.
Captaincy is a gradual process. You cant just wake up in the morning and hand over ur captaincy to someone new. it happens thru a systematic channel over the period of times. It is also a normal procedure for any team to appoint the future captain the VC role. this way not only he gets in the mind frame for what he is supposed to do, but teaches him a thing or two.

Mind you, u will never get it till u actually walk in that shoe.

and yes, offcourse his main priority is to score runs. and hopefully he will go on doing that. but to be a captain u need to be a multi-tasker. if he already crumbles under pressure knowing he will be captain one day, that might go to show that he is not ready.

yes, we are taking a big risk here but we had to take it at some point . it could work as a advantage as well. some ppl excels under pressure esp when given responsibilities. who knows, may be SN is like that. knowing he is the next captain in line, it might help his grow mentally even further and act responsibly while batting. this might help him become even more consistent with the bat which eventually would help the team.

saying so, there is lot of IF's and May be's in my points. but thats all we can hope for at this moment.

I believe the juice is worth the squueze.
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