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May Allah damn all these Talibans (the group in Afghanistan and Pakistan) and all that sympathise with them and support them. That sister and brother of mine that the evil monster shot and killed are real martyrs of humanity and my dear sister and brother, I don't know your names, may Allah help you rest in peace and may Allah help you find each other back again in Jannat, Amen!
Now, I don't want to preach or encourage hatred here among my young family and friends, but boy do I have the ultimate hatred, the most kind, the worst kind in the filthiest, darkest part of my heart for these so called 'Talibans' - you infidals, enemy of Islam, barbaric human-like creatures are the real insult to the word talibans.
I will chase you Talibans and Hitler and his Nazis in Jahannam/hell, Inshallah!

Off the topic, to the Zardari and the Pakistan government and Pakistan Army, you proved toothless, coward, evil and impotant back in 1971 in Bangladesh, and you are proving again that you are a bunch of crook, corrupt, spineless, coward administration that cannnot even provide the simpliest security to your innocent people, how can you even utter the word security for international cricketers!!! You uncivilized true barbaric fools! May Allah burn all of you in hell!
And I feel truly sorry for the innocent civilians and victims of Pakistan and Afghanistan, may Allah protect you from these inhuman monsters and give you peace!
Now I am going to go to the toilet and vomit.
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand & Mitch Landrieu!

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