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Originally Posted by Nafi
...well it mostly because being in Britain, and going to a school where there is a big pakistani-british ethnic group, as usual pakis look down on Bangladesh, and see it as a country in bad state.

Well atleast s**t like this doesnt happen in my mother country.
Well Nafi, as Icysteel posted above, we must always be at our guard in Bangladesh too. There is religious belief, and there is blinded faith... blinded with hate, devoid of mercy, full of conformism and application without rationale.

Originally Posted by Icysteel
WARNING! Coming to a town near you in Bangladesh if we put our guard down. I'm afraid
Indeed. Thankfully so far our grip has tightened. But Bangla Bhai existed in Bagmara, and he took many innocent lives in his day, inhumanly torturing and lynching helpless peasants in Bangladesh. We must always be on our guard with the steadfastness in believing in what is right over what is wrong.
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