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Default Expectation Threshold

yeah, the heading of my post is the problem of all the old and new player conflict. i've seen several post about bringing back all the former stars of our national team, akram, nannu, bulbul and naimur. at least we are not asking for bowlers like gm nousheed prince! but the question is, is the old foxes any better than the ones we have now? Actually, NO. in fact, they are even worse.

the problem is, as i said expectation threshold. we did not have much expectation when they used to play. and, when they did play, all they cared for was playing 50 overs or getting a total of 200 and so on, regardless of the games nature or requirement. now, if u do'nt try to reach a goal, its really easy to have a better looking lose. but the new team at least try for the win, and may be ended up with worse result. which one u think is more positive, u decide.

moreover, the cricketing world went many many steps further since those oldies steped over. can they cope with the new techniques and all? i can't think so.

like everyone else, i'm also very very disappointed about the tiger's performance. but, i've no doubt that bringing back former starts is not a solution.
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