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We are a pretty easy gullible bunch, aren't we ??
Just because Darun Shamii said something darun, we are already at it again.
Our coach is idiot, our captain is clueless, they all know it and we dont.Why was he slow, why wasn't he fast. Why why why..........

This is all part of the mind game. We have seen what a cautious Bangladesh can do. They score 556.
A natural stroke making happy go lucky Bangladesh will not have crossed 350. Chasing 245 on a the penultimate and the final session of a test match, you can never go hard at it the way Tamim did on the first innings. You will fail 9.5/10 times. Yes, we may have failed too, but it wasn't because we were any extra cautious, but because of our lack of experience of being in that situation.

Now Sammy is putting this mental pressure on our batsman once again. "Go out there and play your natural shots, you lost the game cuz you were cautious." Thats exactly what he wants from our players. They will rather have a trigger happy 60 ball 70 runs Tamim than him applying his sense and try to stay at the crease for 150 balls. And we all know what Tamim can acheive had he stayed at the wicket and faced 150 balls. That 70 odd ball makes all the difference in the final score card, ie, WI winning by 77 runs.

He wants our best batsman to play aggressive, cuz more often than not, that will get him stuck in his 50s rather than a big century. He wants all our batsman to play their natural game, which is stroke-making outside- off-khochafying self and WI will be more than happy if we did that.
They had the game plan for that Bangladesh, not this Bangladesh that mixed caution with aggression and took a first innings lead.

Darun Shami and his bhais know very well that they have managed to get out of that mess once, but might not be so lucky the next time around.

Its all part of the mind game.
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