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Default Ijjot er Dam Koto ?

Saddened to bear the loss today. Cannot believe that the most improved cricket team in the world today lost to the most innocuous bowler in the tournament, Kedarnath.

I believe BD still plays for "ijjot" and not as champions. Only when people insult their ability is when they step up (i.e. NZ win). That's why in interviews they keep repeating how they are improving and can never proclaim that they are here to own and win. Missing the champion attitude. Why is "ijjot", how others evaluate us, more important than winning at all costs all the time. Kobay pabo ?

We have been the fastest growing cricket nation in the world. In the 70's we competed with Bermudas and PNG's of the world. Look where they are now and where we stand. In the 80's it was the Dutch and Kenya. In the 90s it was Kenya and Zimbabwe. In the 20's we were getting flogged but moved past Kenya and competing with Zimbabwe. Now we have arrived but how long can we be first worried about "ijjot?" How much does it cost, can we buy it out from every member of the BD team and throw that in the Bay of Bengal.


A Ranting Fan

PS. Before anyone judges my comments, I am a BD fan since I am 8 and from the days of Yousuf Rahman Babu and Azhar Hossain Shantu, where we lost and lost but always came back to die another day.
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