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Originally Posted by Yankees
yea yea yea heard this argument and replied too many times to bother doing it yet again. Because we all know it goes something like this:

Step 1: Can't drop Riyad bc we have no one to replace him.
Step 2: Can't give chances to youngsters bc they haven't proven themselves.
Step 3: they haven't proven themselves bc they can't get game time.
Step 4: They can't get game time bc we have guys like Riyad holding their spots.
Step 5: But we can't drop Riyad bc we have no one to replace him.
Step 6: Lather, rinse, repeat
An impregnable logic. An unstoppable logic cycle. It's like a monster that eats its own sh*t.

In other words, literally any youngster is a better gamble than a 30+ year old bolod who's only contribution to BD tests has been 1 century a decade ago. But hey let's not only keep him in the squad, let's also make him bowl in tests because he once bowled a couple of good overs in a bush league T20 BPL.
Youngsters have been getting chances in the test team in case you haven't noticed , and none of them have done anything noteworthy to say they will do a better job than Riyad as of this moment . Riyad still averages 32.85 in last 5 years in test matches, please find a youngster who will average at least this much for an extended period. He is also a player with experience and a game changer in other formats. He did win matches for us and we don't have the riches to overlook him for now.

And Mullah has done well in bowling whenever given the chance not only in T20 leagues but also in other formats, sure he is not a Murali but that doesn't mean he cannot get more chances to bowl. This thread is not to say he should be a main bowler but that when he is bowling well he is not given more overs by the captain.
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